A lot of brides have been requesting artificial flowers instead of real flowers for their weddings. Artificial can sometimes be more affordable, but that shouldn’t be your reasoning for choosing it. Depending on the type of flowers, the season, etc. you can occasionally get better deals on a natural flower instead of its artificial counterpart. Whether you are doing artificial or real flowers, you can spend a fortune or do it on a budget. That is up to you! So when you set price aside, there are still a lot of reasons why brides are choosing fake over real.

  1. You can keep your bouquet forever
  2. You can get them as far in advance as you would like, which will reduce stress on the wedding day
  3. You can have flowers that may not be in season
  4. Your flowers won’t wilt throughout the day
  5. They are lightweight and easier to care for (no water!)
  6. You don’t have to worry about any allergies to certain flowers
  7. You can repurpose any of the flowers afterwards (centerpieces for your home, etc)

When you first think of artificial flowers your mind might immediately go to dollar store/cheap looking flowers but there are a lot of very realistic looking flowers out there. Your arrangements can still look incredible if you choose to go the artificial flower route!







Sierra was Rumsey Floral’s first official client! Her wedding was a DREAM to create. It had a bohemian vibe with primarily greenery and whites. Flower crowns for her & all of her bridesmaids, boutonnieres for all the men, a beautiful arch made of a combination of silk and real flowers (because we had to set it up early and it was the middle of summer, we decided to go half and half so that it could mostly be set up and then  I could add the real flowers right before the ceremony), and one of my favorite things was the corsage wristlets for the moms but specifically the one she wanted for her mom who had passed the year before. It was such a special piece to make.


All photos done by Dallas Winberg