Brinley’s wedding was one of my favorites. She had so many bridesmaids and groomsmen and I loved making all of their arrangements. Big wedding parties can be hard because there is so much to make, but I personally love seeing how many people are there to support the bride and groom.

Plus, I always love a classic blush pink color palette.

All photos done by Kjertsi Kachelle Photography


Flower crowns are great for every occasion. They are even better if you know how to make them yourself. Flower crowns aren’t complicated to make and you can find everything you need at a local craft/grocery store.


  • pruning shears or scissors
  • floral tape – you can find this at Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or any other craft store.
  • floral wire or pipe cleaners – I like to use green pipe cleaners instead of wire. I usually only need two and I just twist them together at each end to make a circle.
  • flowers

When I am doing big events or weddings I get my flowers from a wholesaler. But you don’t need a wholesale license to make flower crowns. You can find flowers at grocery stores or if you prefer, you can use silk flowers found at a craft store. If you are going to use real flowers I recommend going to Trader Joe’s. They have a wonderful selection of flowers and greenery. Not to mention they are a great price. I got the flowers I am using for this tutorial at Trader Joe’s and I spent under $10.

This is just a part of the selection available at Trader Joe’s.

Once you have all of your supplies, you can make your flower crown!


Use your wire or pipe cleaners (or whatever else you are using) to measure your head. If you are using wire I recommend wrapping the entire thing in floral tape. It will make it a little sturdier and easier to work with while attaching the flowers.


Use your shears or scissors to cut all of your stems down to about 3 inches. Start with cutting just some of the stems because you likely won’t use all of them and you can stick the leftovers in a vase for a pretty arrangement!


Gather 1-2 stems of each variety you have and use your floral tape to secure them together.

Then make some more.


Using your floral tape again, attach the bunches (one at a time) to the crown you previously made.

Make sure to pull the tape tight so they are nice and secure.

Continue laying bunches until you have filled half of the crown.


Starting at the top (where you taped the very first bunch) start attaching bunches facing the opposite direction. Continue until you have filled that half of the crown. I usually leave a smaller space in the back (to differentiate between the front/back), but I left extra space this time because I had some miscellaneous ribbon lying around I wanted to put on it.

You can still do a small space in the back and attach one or two ribbons for a simpler look, or none at all! That is the joy of flower crowns. You can make each one so different.

And you’re done! Now you can make a flower crown for your daughter’s first birthday, your sister’s wedding, or if you are like my daughter – you can make one for just a regular normal day 🙂

Thanks for following along!


This shoot was so fun because not only was the photographer incredible, but there were different bridal looks with three different models, all in different dresses with a little bit of a change in scenery. They all looked absolutely incredible!

Bride #1

Model: Kelly Beck

Hair and Makeup: Sarah

Spray Tan: Brooke

Bride #2

Model: Lauren Cressman

Hair and Makeup: Nicole

Spray Tan: Brighter Image

Bride #3

Models: Quinn and Marlee

Hair and Makeup: Nicole

Spray Tan: Brighter Image

All photos done by Elyse of Exposure by Elyse


It’s one thing to work with a beautiful bride, but there is nothing better than working with a bride who is beautiful AND SO SWEET. Brinley was that bride. She was so fun to work with and I can’t wait to share the rest of her photos from her wedding! But for now, enjoy her gorgeous bridals.

All photos done by Kjersti


I honestly want to post EVERY SINGLE PHOTO from this shoot. Everything about it was so incredibly beautiful. I am so grateful I was able to be a part of this. All of the people involved were so talented! Go ahead and start drooling. . .

The talented vendors who participated in this shoot:

Photographer: Meg

Model: Summer Sloan Alvey

Dress: Mary’s Bridal

Hair: Amy

Makeup: Natalie Wetzker

Table Spread: Tarren and Company

Table and Chairs: Indy & Ivy Rental Co

Table Florals: Pam’s Floral Garden & Design

Hair Piece: Sweet V Jewelry

Stationary: Mazarine Design Studio


My cute cousin Lexi and her sweetheart Ben got married and I had the honor of doing their flowers! Their ceremony was at this beautiful barn in Draper and we did silk flower arrangements. I always love seeing all of the people who come out to support and show their love for a new couple. Here are pictures from the ceremony, I will post more from the reception in another post!

All photos done by Sierra