This was the bouquet I made for this hot air balloon shoot but these photos are from another photographer –Mel Loitz. I love working with multiple photographers on one shoot because each person has such a unique eye and I love seeing the different photos they each take. There were two different shoots with this bouquet, the hot air balloon bridals as well as a cute casual couple. Both turned out great and I’m excited to share them with you!


This was my first time doing florals for an ice castle shoot and I am so in awe with how beautiful everything turned out. They look like they are standing in front of a green screen it is so pretty! Not to mention I got to work with a beautiful couple, amazing hair and makeup artist and of course the very talented Jenny Day from Jenny Pearl Photography. Such a fun shoot all around.


This collaboration was back in November with Jenica from Lando Lane Creative. She is such a talented photographer. Especially her recent photoshoot from the ice castles. They are absolutely to die for. She also did the hot air balloon photoshoot from last summer. That was one of my favorite collaborations.

She used Christmas lights for some of the photos in this shoot (you can see in the last picture below) and it turned out so cool.


There are benefits to working with brides who know exactly what they want and benefits to working with brides who have no idea what they want and let you run full force with your own creativity. Becca was a little bit of both and it was so fun to work with her. She chose to do silk flowers for her wedding and one benefit to using silk is that they are easier to change and manipulate to make them exactly what you want. After picking up her order Becca wanted to make a few changes. So she returned them and I tweaked a little here added a little there and the final result was exactly what she wanted. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want from your florist if you don’t get it the first time.

All featured arrangements (bridal bouquet, bridal flower crown, groom/groomsmen boutonnieres, mothers wrist corsages, bridesmaids bouquets) are made with silk flowers.


I worked with Erika on the Latter Day Bride dress contest photoshoot and I loved her work! So when she reached out to me to work together again, of course I couldn’t say no! When you are looking for a photographer for your special day or really for any occasion, reach out to Erika. You won’t be disappointed.

Hair and Makeup: Laura


This shoot was so fun because not only was the photographer incredible, but there were different bridal looks with three different models, all in different dresses with a little bit of a change in scenery. They all looked absolutely incredible!

Bride #1

Model: Kelly Beck

Hair and Makeup: Sarah

Spray Tan: Brooke

Bride #2

Model: Lauren Cressman

Hair and Makeup: Nicole

Spray Tan: Brighter Image

Bride #3

Models: Quinn and Marlee

Hair and Makeup: Nicole

Spray Tan: Brighter Image

All photos done by Elyse of Exposure by Elyse